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Frequent questions

1. Why should I use your services?

Because we offer you reliable, fast, economical and practical services with which you can increase the dynamics of your professional or personal social media account, saving valuable time and money that will help you create a strategy to grow your profile faster.

A larger profile adds prestige and makes it easier for other accounts to follow, and it also helps organic ads if you do to reach a larger audience.

A video with a lot of good views rises in the algorithm of any platform increasing the chances of promoting it in the recommended and views generally prompt people to watch it.

2. Do you need my profile password?

No we do not need your password to activate the services. Only your username or your profile link is enough

3. Is my profile safe from restriction, deletion?

At, having many years of experience and a few thousand customers, there has never been a problem with our services. Unlike other service companies we have the best and most stable services that we use first on well-known pages, profiles and channels that we manage, before we activate them for you.

4. When does my service start?

The start of the service begins and is completed within a few hours from the moment of payment. More specifically for each service you can see in the description of the service you are interested in the times as well as other information you need to know.

5. What can't I promote?

It is prohibited to use our services to promote profiles or pages with illegal products or services.

Promotion of racist or sexist posts is prohibited

As well as creating negative impressions on competing companies or individuals.

In any such case we will cancel and not complete the services.

6. Are payments secure? Do payments work as subscriptions or lump sums?

Payments are completely safe through the most reliable payment provider in Greece and we provide you with several options of payment methods

Payments work once whenever you want to activate a service. We don't have subscriptions.

7. How can I be informed about the progress of my order?

Our communication is 24/7 through the chat of the page as well as the update about your order is done through the chat simply using your order number.

You can also contact us at